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About Zufferey Partner AG

In 2018, I started my own consulting activities through the creation of Zufferey Partner AG.

I had been deliberating on how best to make use of over 20 years in senior and executive management, almost 20 years in executive search and assessment and over 20 years as a non-executive director in public and private companies.

The decision to create my own firm was triggered by my aspiration to put that experience and know-how at the service of clients as their personal partner of trust.  They will thus get what they see.

I serve publicly listed or privately owned companies and institutions, and do so across various business sectors, even if my previous experience was gained mainly in the financial services, industry, consumer goods, public service, hospitality (hotel and gastronomy) and media areas.

The scope of my consultancy is to provide clients with effective advice, guidance, support or help in leadership issues, to assist them in reaching new horizons, new heights, new fields, new excellence or new goals. I do this with a holistic approach which includes strategic, operational and financial considerations, but also reflects culture and values.

In addition, I continue to serve a number of companies or institutions as a non-executive director.

Professional guidance to reach new heights


Improve leadership and its impact

People are the ultimate success factor in any company, institution or organization.

And, first and foremost among them, leaders.

A strategy, a set of values, a corporate culture, a business model, a brand, a USP, products or services cannot succeed without leaders to invent, create, elaborate, develop, implement or exemplify them.

Leadership is thus of the essence. It is also more multi-facetted than ever.

I have always been passionate about leadership. It has kept me busy since the age of 20. It will do so for many years to come.

My expertise and experience in leadership are underpinned by my own core values. These include honesty, transparency, trust, respect, sensitivity, independence of judgment, a no-nonsense mindset, a passion for relationships and, topping all of them, personal integrity and responsibility.

As a consequence, I always dedicate myself to the full to each single client and assignment. I do not engage in client work that I cannot execute effectively in a customized and personalized way.

Professional guidance to reach new fields


Board Consulting

Board Evaluation
Board effectiveness assessment pertaining to board roles, responsibilities, composition, operational functioning, experience and culture and – if required – benchmarking against best practices

Board Succession Planning
Board composition review and planning for board composition development and succession

Board Member Recruitment
Assessment of needs, candidate search and assessment

Board Member Selection
As above, but based on a slate of candidates predefined by the client

Leadership Assessment

Individual Assessment
Assessment of individuals based on a detailed competency- based interview, thorough third-party sourcing and in-depth reference checking

Team Effectiveness Review
Assessment of executive teams including roles, responsibilities, experience, collaboration and interaction, atmosphere, culture, values and performance

Leadership Crisis Management
Assessment and advice pertaining to crisis resolution in governance bodies and executive or management teams

Cultural Change Management
Assistance in elaborating and implementing cultural change agendas in corporate companies, public service organizations and other types of institutions.

Executive Coaching

Private and highly personalized coaching for executives on any question of leadership, strategy, governance, management or personal issues.

Objectives and Impact
Based on the psycho-dynamic systems methodology and certified ICC-INSEAD, my coaching helps clients – individuals and organizations – unlock their performance potential at work and in life. It supports clients in raising their interpersonal, social and emotional awareness, in daring to do things differently with more confidence and agility when adapting, changing or innovating within the circumstances governing their own self and their professional environment.

Professional guidance to reach new excellence


Professional Experience

2018-today Zufferey Partner AG
Founder and Managing Partner
2001-2018 Spencer Stuart
Partner, 2006-2018
Managing partner Switzerland, 2009-2016
Consultant 2001-2006
1998-2001 Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Chief Executive Officer
1987-1998 UBS Group

1994-1998 Chief of Staff, Global Resources & Management Support Division, Zürich
1991-1993 CEO Investment Banking Germany, Frankfurt
1989-1990 Head CEO Office, Global Investment Banking, Zürich
1987-1989 Associate, Global Corporate Finance & Capital Markets, Zürich, London, New York
1984-1986 University of Zürich
Assistant in Medieval History

Non-executive roles


Board member, since 2015

Chairman, Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Member, Audit Committee


Board member, 2014 – 2020

Member, Audit Committee

Grand Casino Luzern Board member, since 2011
Member, Audit Committee, since 2015
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Board member, 2004-2008
(Aryzta since 2008)
Board member, 2001-2011
Member Audit Committee


INSEAD Executive Coaching Certificate, 2018-2019
London School of Economics Directors Forum for board members, 2016
The Wharton School Advanced Management Program, 1995
University of Lausanne Master in law (lic. iur.), 1986
University of Zürich Ph.D. in Medieval History, 1985
Master in Human Sciences (lic.phil. I), 1983

Personal information

  • Born 1958, in long-term relationship, three adult children
  • Former deputy regiment commander, former battalion commander, elite alpine infantry, Swiss Army
    Over 1’250 days of service in the army
  • Commune de Givrins, Chair, financial commission 2005-2008
  • Former ski professor, music bandleader and soloist
  • Hobbies: sports and fitness, ballroom dancing, political philosophy, history, literature, wine and gastronomy

Professional guidance to reach new goals


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